Keskin Packaging which was established by Ali,Ibrahim and Huseyin Keskin brothers in İzmir in 1951 as stationer continued as EGE NOTEBOOKS in 1961,as EGE ENVOLEPE in 1967 and as EGE RUBBER in 1971 as celebrated firms in Aegean region.Keskin Packaging went into the production of BOPP,Polyethylene,Paper Packaging and Flexo Printing in the packaging sector.Keskin Packaging committed of years by keeping its standards up in packaging field and embodying all agents from design stage to final product in packaging of Dry Food-Pulse,Snacks,Coffee,Herbs,Biscuits,Wafers,Ready Made Sweets,Water Labels,Frozen Food-Meat-Cheese Industry,Pasta,Halva and Candy,Agricultural Products and a variety of other industrial products.Its subjects of production;Beside BOPP,CPP,Metalised,Pearlised,PVC,PE Films and monolayer materials laminated with solvent or solvent-free and 2,3,4 layers materials,Paper Packaging and product segments in the latest trend Packaging forms and varieties are available.

Keskin Ambalaj is attending IPACK 2008!
Keskin Ambalaj 05-08 Kasım 2008 tarihleri arasında 23. Uluslararası Ambalaj Paketleme ve Gıda İşleme Sistemleri Fuarı'nda müşteri ve ziyaretçileriyle CNR Expo'da buluşuyor